Privilege, Cultural Appropriation, and Racism

Before I start this post, I know this is a touchy subject and I may end up on a slippery slope. Here’s the thing. I do thing racism still exists against ALL races. I believe sexism still exists against ALL genders or gender identities. I am not advocating hatred toward any person based on their race, age, sex, sexual identity, disability or illness, social status, income, or anything else that could cause discrimination. 

White privilege is a term used to pretty much make white people feel like shit about themselves for an aspect of their personality, appearance, and heritage because it supposedly makes them more likely to have a good life. It’s being taught in schools and ranted about on the internet. I’m sick of it. The white people who follow it seem to be full of guilt for things they may not have done simply because some long dead white guy kept slaves. It seems like the guilt is another way for these people to be better than everyone else. They see it more as a statement than actual guilt. Some sort of ticket to being trendy.

The other part of it pisses me off more. These people who go online and condemn white individuals for being white. Saying they must have everything handed to them, because they are white. If I said the same thing but replaced “white” with any other race, it would be racist. That’s because the idea of white privilege is a way for people to be racist while hiding behind this term. 

I’ve heard things like this before as well. I have a gay friend who once referred to straight people as “breeders”. So, just because we are discriminating against the group with the most numbers, it’s ok? No! It’s never okay to be discriminatory!

Then, we go into cultural appropriation. It doesn’t seem related until you find out most of the things you’ll see on cultural appropriation are telling white folks to stop taking things from other cultures. Great. This cultural appropriation thing is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of to start with. Then, we just have to through in racism. I live in America. We are a melting pot of cultures. Why should this stop because of some racist assholes that want every culture to stay away from each other. That’s what this is. Apparently, I can only be white or native american. I cannot eat my fucking sushi, I can’t practice my religion (Hellenic Pagan), and I can’t enjoy Gangnam Style because I’m White (Irish, Norwedgian, and German) and Native American (Souix). 

It’s fucking ridiculous. How are we supposed to learn anything and evolve if we don’t learn about other cultures. “Oh, but they just want this one thing to themselves!” That’s fine. You’re allowed to have your secrets. If the society doesn’t want other societies to know about it, every single person has to agree to keep it secret. Otherwise, it’s out there. Democracy at it’s finest. Just don’t get made at people using spirit animals, dreadlocks, or anything else we’ve known about and used for years. That’s bullshit. By them it’s already ingrained into the other society and you can’t have it back.

Now sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.



Someone you should listen to on this subject. Quite a bit of this his videos introduced me to, I’m just stating my opinion from that knowledge and my personal experiences.


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