Biphobia Isn’t Funny

I try not to be one of those people who gets offended at everything. I generally take jokes at face value and leave it at that. However, a pretty tasteless joke was shared by someone I looked up to and generally enjoyed the content of. I don’t really want to give them exposure for this sort of thing and I feel no ill will towards them. I’ll just say it was a stupid joke that implied that bisexuals are whores. It wasn’t even a funny joke. It was a lame pun that could have been used in private instead of being shared on social media.

It’d not really the joke that makes me upset though. It’s the trend of Biphobia and bi erasure that happens in both the LGTB and straight communities. Even though I consider myself Pansexual, this type of thing also includes me. It just seems like it’s considered a bad thing to feel attraction to more than one gender.

It’s been a place of hurt in my life to begin with. Before I knew what Pan even was, I considered myself bisexual. However, personal friends of mine wouldn’t get it. If I was attracted to a girl they would consider me gay, but if I was attracted to a boy I would be relabeled as straight. That’s not how it is though.

Currently, I am engaged to a wonderful man. I am not straight. He does not consider me straight. We check out other women together and disagree on what our individual type is, and he gets the hint when I’m not in the mood for that and leaves it be. However, I know there are people out there that would consider me straight. I don’t even hold my sexuality to a high regard in terms of my personality but it is there and I refuse to be labeled as something that is not true of me.

It’s these kinds of things that make people who are bi or pan feel alone. I have friends in the LGTB community but I don’t know how they all feel about this. One of them has even told me something along the lines of “you’re straight now, you’re fucking a guy.”

There’s also the phobias. A lot of people seem to think that if you feel attraction to more than one gender you are promiscuous. I don’t even know why. I don’t get it. I have had a grand total of three partners in my life. I consider that low compared to some people. Hell, it looks like that numbers not going to change anytime soon anyway.

I think it’s just a thing that a lot of bi and pan individuals have to deal with. Not all but plenty. So when someone who is a role model makes a joke it could bring up all these bad feelings.

I don’t have a solution. Except maybe understanding when your fan base gets upset and issue an actual apology instead of defending yourself. Asshole.

My Relations With Religion

Lately, I’ve really started to think about my religious experience and how so much has changed. This is where I would put some foreword telling you how I respect other people’s religion and such but that would make me a hypocrite. I will say I respect peoples choices and if they choose to believe in their religion that is their right. Just remember I share the same right and if you don’t like what I’m going to say you can piss off because this post is about my experiences. I really don’t care about how you found Jesus. I don’t care how much Buddha influences you life. I would like to have a selfish post, damn it.

Close to a year ago, I swore I would follow the pagan religion in a ceremony called a year and a day. This means that before March 27, 2014 I had studied the ideas and types of paganism and figured out if that was my path. I technically, didn’t need to do this since I am a lone wolf and have no need to join a coven. I have always found more solace finding inspiration and guidance by myself.

A lot of things have changed since then, including finding my significant other and coming clean to my family about a lot of things including my sexuality and my beliefs. I am eternally grateful that my family has been more than accepting of my path. However, my thinking has changed as well.

I noticed the other day while my beau was listening to the Amazing Atheist (I’m not a personal fan unless he’s talking calmly in a video) and it dawned on my that my views towards Christianity have vastly changed since my year and a day ritual.

I remember being a teenager and being fascinated by the occult and magic, among being incredibly naive and stupid. However, I always had fear in the back of my mind that told me that if I was wrong than I was going to hell. I was still holding onto the idea of one god and that being the Christian god. Now, I realized that I have no such fear.

In fact one closer inspection I find the whole idea of god and, somewhat gods in general, silly. The stories in the bible are incredibly far fetched and I find the whole thing ridiculous. I’ve also seen the crap I put up with from other Christians when I was younger in a new light. I feel like, in my experience, there was no way for me to be happy or to be accepted as a Christian.

Now, the people who know me well are saying, “How can you find the idea of a god silly when your Hellenic Pagan?” Well, it’s quite simple. I find the ancient Greek stories of gods and goddesses almost as silly. Almost since the ancient Greek gods have their faults and are not really good guys all the time. In fact they seem human. That’s much easier to choke down than some being that is purely good, created us all, and silently judges us based on our choices throughout life. There’s also the fact I am on the fence whether the gods of my religion really exist. A large part of me sees them more as representations of a set of ideals and morals that should be upheld, while still teaching us that everyone has flaws.

Well, I’m kind of drunk and don’t know how to end this so cheers!


I have been trying to avoid for the past week this bullshit but it’s caught up with me. I’ve finally watched that stupid fucking video of the woman walking around New York for ten hours.

Some of the comments and actions made in the video were offensive and aggressive but a lot of them weren’t. “Have a nice day” is something that shouldn’t be taken as a fucking come on.

As a woman, I have been catcalled. Truly catcalled, not this bullshit. I either told them to go fuck themselves or I completely ignored it.

For instance, I was in Seattle with a friend of mine waiting for a concert. We were looking at a map when a car stopped for a red light and a group of men whistled and howled at me. I avoided eye contact and focused on what I was doing. I knew the fucking light would turn and they would leave.

In another instance a group of teens got too close to me and catcalled while I was walking past. So, I kept walking and told them to fuck off. I, then, went into the nearest public building because I did feel threatened.

If I was told I “looked beautiful today” I would thank them and move along. It’s a fucking compliment: a polite compliment. If it was “you look hot” or “you look sexy” that crosses a line. Beautiful is how you describe anything that looks nice and shouldn’t be the cause of discomfort.

If someone tells me to have a nice day, I say “you too” and continue on my merry way.

Catcalling is a serious issue for a lot of women, but lets not cheapen it by including harmless phrases. Here’s a good rule, if it’s something they would say to their mother; you don’t get to be mad about it.

The Video in Question:

Update 08.06.2014

Ok ok ok, I haven’t written a post in a while and I feel bad about it. So here’s what’s going on. I’ve been incredibly lazy. Then, there’s the fact I have to be slightly pissed about something to write about it. Sorry. I wish I could say that I’m going to write soon and all that but I won’t. I’m going to be working on a project for this blog and I have no idea how long it’s going to take.


I’m officially announcing that I’m going start work on a series that will be analyzing the stereotypes in Disney films.I hope to make a series a videos about whether or not modern critic of Disney princesses is valid by analyzing the arguments, films, original works, and time periods the films were made in. This will not be one video. I’m hoping to make a video for each princess and go from there chronologically from the first film to today. I said hopefully because this is a massive task. At the very least, if video editing is too arduous, I will write posts about them.

I am doing this for free. I might allow ads on the videos but even that’s iffy. I’m doing this for the same reason I write posts. I enjoy it. I have always liked research essays in school. I’m opinionated but I realize my opinion is not everyone’s opinion. The main thing is to put the arguments out there for people to read and make their own opinions about it.

So, I’ll keep you guys updated and work on this project. Thanks for reading.

Privilege, Cultural Appropriation, and Racism

Before I start this post, I know this is a touchy subject and I may end up on a slippery slope. Here’s the thing. I do thing racism still exists against ALL races. I believe sexism still exists against ALL genders or gender identities. I am not advocating hatred toward any person based on their race, age, sex, sexual identity, disability or illness, social status, income, or anything else that could cause discrimination. 

White privilege is a term used to pretty much make white people feel like shit about themselves for an aspect of their personality, appearance, and heritage because it supposedly makes them more likely to have a good life. It’s being taught in schools and ranted about on the internet. I’m sick of it. The white people who follow it seem to be full of guilt for things they may not have done simply because some long dead white guy kept slaves. It seems like the guilt is another way for these people to be better than everyone else. They see it more as a statement than actual guilt. Some sort of ticket to being trendy.

The other part of it pisses me off more. These people who go online and condemn white individuals for being white. Saying they must have everything handed to them, because they are white. If I said the same thing but replaced “white” with any other race, it would be racist. That’s because the idea of white privilege is a way for people to be racist while hiding behind this term. 

I’ve heard things like this before as well. I have a gay friend who once referred to straight people as “breeders”. So, just because we are discriminating against the group with the most numbers, it’s ok? No! It’s never okay to be discriminatory!

Then, we go into cultural appropriation. It doesn’t seem related until you find out most of the things you’ll see on cultural appropriation are telling white folks to stop taking things from other cultures. Great. This cultural appropriation thing is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of to start with. Then, we just have to through in racism. I live in America. We are a melting pot of cultures. Why should this stop because of some racist assholes that want every culture to stay away from each other. That’s what this is. Apparently, I can only be white or native american. I cannot eat my fucking sushi, I can’t practice my religion (Hellenic Pagan), and I can’t enjoy Gangnam Style because I’m White (Irish, Norwedgian, and German) and Native American (Souix). 

It’s fucking ridiculous. How are we supposed to learn anything and evolve if we don’t learn about other cultures. “Oh, but they just want this one thing to themselves!” That’s fine. You’re allowed to have your secrets. If the society doesn’t want other societies to know about it, every single person has to agree to keep it secret. Otherwise, it’s out there. Democracy at it’s finest. Just don’t get made at people using spirit animals, dreadlocks, or anything else we’ve known about and used for years. That’s bullshit. By them it’s already ingrained into the other society and you can’t have it back.

Now sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.



Someone you should listen to on this subject. Quite a bit of this his videos introduced me to, I’m just stating my opinion from that knowledge and my personal experiences.

Utopia? Part I

For a long time my boyfriend and I have been discussing the idea of what the future would be like if and when everything is done by machines. Naturally, this would be a complete change in our society, infrastructure, and economy. So, I’m going to do a series of posts about what I think will happen. As with all theories, I’m not saying this will happen. In fact, I highly doubt it. This is going to be the absolute best case I can see happening. So, it probably won’t.


I don’t think money will disappear. There is no way we could go back to a barter system. So, there would still be jobs. The obvious ones that come to mind are the techs and the CEOs. The Techs would probably be a large sum of the work force. Since most of the actual work would be mechanized. 

Another branch of tech would be the supervisors, they watch the machines to make sure they don’t glitch, or such. They watch for problems and report to the techs and CEOs.

I can also see jobs remaining in healthcare because of the need for problem solving more advanced than I see technology becoming. That being said, the lower jobs like nursing assistants would probably be gone and replaced by caregivers who sole job is to provide comfort. Doctors and nurses jobs would become increasingly easy. 

What I’m most excited for is probably what I’m going to call the artists. This would have two factions. One is utilitarian. These are the architects, designers, and chefs that create the blueprints for this mechanized world. The other is the pure artist. They create the music we listen to, the books we read, and the pictures we hang on our wall. I don’t know how this will go money wise though. It might become such and important aspect in our life that both sides are paid very well. Or the utilitarian will be paid much much more than the pure artist, as it usually is. Then again, it all comes down to marketing. that’s why pop stars make millions.

Of course for every field there would be managers. People to watch the people. We’re only human after all.


Sorry, if this isn’t too coherent. I’m fighting a cold and I took a dose of cold medicine before writing this. More to come, I’ll probably work on the sociological aspect next but it’ll take quite a bit more thought. 



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