Update 08.06.2014

Ok ok ok, I haven’t written a post in a while and I feel bad about it. So here’s what’s going on. I’ve been incredibly lazy. Then, there’s the fact I have to be slightly pissed about something to write about it. Sorry. I wish I could say that I’m going to write soon and all that but I won’t. I’m going to be working on a project for this blog and I have no idea how long it’s going to take.


I’m officially announcing that I’m going start work on a series that will be analyzing the stereotypes in Disney films.I hope to make a series a videos about whether or not modern critic of Disney princesses is valid by analyzing the arguments, films, original works, and time periods the films were made in. This will not be one video. I’m hoping to make a video for each princess and go from there chronologically from the first film to today. I said hopefully because this is a massive task. At the very least, if video editing is too arduous, I will write posts about them.

I am doing this for free. I might allow ads on the videos but even that’s iffy. I’m doing this for the same reason I write posts. I enjoy it. I have always liked research essays in school. I’m opinionated but I realize my opinion is not everyone’s opinion. The main thing is to put the arguments out there for people to read and make their own opinions about it.

So, I’ll keep you guys updated and work on this project. Thanks for reading.

Privilege, Cultural Appropriation, and Racism

Before I start this post, I know this is a touchy subject and I may end up on a slippery slope. Here’s the thing. I do thing racism still exists against ALL races. I believe sexism still exists against ALL genders or gender identities. I am not advocating hatred toward any person based on their race, age, sex, sexual identity, disability or illness, social status, income, or anything else that could cause discrimination. 

White privilege is a term used to pretty much make white people feel like shit about themselves for an aspect of their personality, appearance, and heritage because it supposedly makes them more likely to have a good life. It’s being taught in schools and ranted about on the internet. I’m sick of it. The white people who follow it seem to be full of guilt for things they may not have done simply because some long dead white guy kept slaves. It seems like the guilt is another way for these people to be better than everyone else. They see it more as a statement than actual guilt. Some sort of ticket to being trendy.

The other part of it pisses me off more. These people who go online and condemn white individuals for being white. Saying they must have everything handed to them, because they are white. If I said the same thing but replaced “white” with any other race, it would be racist. That’s because the idea of white privilege is a way for people to be racist while hiding behind this term. 

I’ve heard things like this before as well. I have a gay friend who once referred to straight people as “breeders”. So, just because we are discriminating against the group with the most numbers, it’s ok? No! It’s never okay to be discriminatory!

Then, we go into cultural appropriation. It doesn’t seem related until you find out most of the things you’ll see on cultural appropriation are telling white folks to stop taking things from other cultures. Great. This cultural appropriation thing is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of to start with. Then, we just have to through in racism. I live in America. We are a melting pot of cultures. Why should this stop because of some racist assholes that want every culture to stay away from each other. That’s what this is. Apparently, I can only be white or native american. I cannot eat my fucking sushi, I can’t practice my religion (Hellenic Pagan), and I can’t enjoy Gangnam Style because I’m White (Irish, Norwedgian, and German) and Native American (Souix). 

It’s fucking ridiculous. How are we supposed to learn anything and evolve if we don’t learn about other cultures. “Oh, but they just want this one thing to themselves!” That’s fine. You’re allowed to have your secrets. If the society doesn’t want other societies to know about it, every single person has to agree to keep it secret. Otherwise, it’s out there. Democracy at it’s finest. Just don’t get made at people using spirit animals, dreadlocks, or anything else we’ve known about and used for years. That’s bullshit. By them it’s already ingrained into the other society and you can’t have it back.

Now sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.



Someone you should listen to on this subject. Quite a bit of this his videos introduced me to, I’m just stating my opinion from that knowledge and my personal experiences.


Utopia? Part I

For a long time my boyfriend and I have been discussing the idea of what the future would be like if and when everything is done by machines. Naturally, this would be a complete change in our society, infrastructure, and economy. So, I’m going to do a series of posts about what I think will happen. As with all theories, I’m not saying this will happen. In fact, I highly doubt it. This is going to be the absolute best case I can see happening. So, it probably won’t.


I don’t think money will disappear. There is no way we could go back to a barter system. So, there would still be jobs. The obvious ones that come to mind are the techs and the CEOs. The Techs would probably be a large sum of the work force. Since most of the actual work would be mechanized. 

Another branch of tech would be the supervisors, they watch the machines to make sure they don’t glitch, or such. They watch for problems and report to the techs and CEOs.

I can also see jobs remaining in healthcare because of the need for problem solving more advanced than I see technology becoming. That being said, the lower jobs like nursing assistants would probably be gone and replaced by caregivers who sole job is to provide comfort. Doctors and nurses jobs would become increasingly easy. 

What I’m most excited for is probably what I’m going to call the artists. This would have two factions. One is utilitarian. These are the architects, designers, and chefs that create the blueprints for this mechanized world. The other is the pure artist. They create the music we listen to, the books we read, and the pictures we hang on our wall. I don’t know how this will go money wise though. It might become such and important aspect in our life that both sides are paid very well. Or the utilitarian will be paid much much more than the pure artist, as it usually is. Then again, it all comes down to marketing. that’s why pop stars make millions.

Of course for every field there would be managers. People to watch the people. We’re only human after all.


Sorry, if this isn’t too coherent. I’m fighting a cold and I took a dose of cold medicine before writing this. More to come, I’ll probably work on the sociological aspect next but it’ll take quite a bit more thought. 



So, I’ve been trying for 6-7 months to get a job, and finally I found one. I’m also starting college in the fall so if this blog isn’t updated consistantly I apologize. 

If you are so inclined you can check out my other stuff.



My other blog, which is pretty much random bullshit. It’s all personal and not overly opinionated. Just my thoughts and things like that.



My deviant art. I have TONS of photography on there. Though, currently, I’m working on a drawing project. It’s a work in progress but lots of monsters. I’m working on the name of the project as well.

Cosmo and Feminists

I am sick of Cosmo and the content they put out.

I used to genuinely like their articles, because there were some informative ones, like the rise in heroin use on college campuses or talking about the 2012 election. Now, it’s trash.

The thing that’s annoying me the most is the way they seem to treat men and women. They act as though women are vapid fashionistas who love to gossip. Then they treat men like they are only there for the enjoyment of women.

They fill my wall with pictures of their ideal man. Some model who is tan and muscular. Then they say that all men are alike.

I’m sorry if my boyfriend isn’t your idea of handsome or perfect. He is to me though and that’s all that matters.

Just like how women have been crying for years that Playboy misrepresents women, cosmo misrepresents men. Women have been irate that the models in this magazine and in fashion are all skinny and photoshopped. Men have the exact same problem.

Why is it we are failing to realize this as a society? Have the feminists taken over? You better believe it. 

This isn’t the “harmless” feminist who believes in equal rights. This is the feminist who thinks we should live in a matriarchal society where men are nothing more than playthings and breeders. This is no longer 2014 this is now the 1800s in reverse. 

I don’t care if I am hated for this but I am a women and a humanitarian. I believe in equal treatment and equal realization. Any problem women have men will have a similar problem. 

Oh so Cosmo can bring out stories of horrible female genital mutilations (FGM), but forgets about the mass mutilation of men happening daily in the US? Yes, FGM is a HUGE issue that needs to be addressed and stopped, but how is it any different from circumcision? Think about it. There is no conclusive research that circumcision is better, so this is completely for looks. How is this any worse than young girls having their clitoris and labia cut off to keep them pure and to make sure they are not outcasts in their family, village, or country? Both stem from diluted notions about what is right. 

Do you think circumcision is any less brutal because it’s performed by a doctor in a hospital? Try looking at a video of it being done. It makes me sick. There is no anesthesia to lessen the pain. 

Why is any problem better or worse depending on genders? We’re all human. Is it because men are supposed to be big, strong, and tough? If so you are just as sexist as any misogynist. 

Risking Disaster

Humans just don’t learn. A 2004 decision by Snohomish County could have saved lives and dollars in Oso. They new the hillside was unsafe. The hill had been having minor slides years before. Some as recently as 2006.

This is something that has drove me crazy for years. Why do we build where there has been a history of natural disasters that could occur again.

I’m not saying there aren’t risks where ever you live. I live on the Olympic Peninsula. Chances are I’m going to feel an earthquake. Though, any Volcanic eruption probably won’t effect me to a great extent. In 1980, Mt. St. Helens blew. My parents were living in the same town I am now. They felt it, but never got the ash cloud. The winds go a different direction. All the volcanic debris went to Eastern Washington, while those of us in the west got pretty much nothing. The other volcanoes here have either been dormant for so long we don’t consider them a threat or they wouldn’t effect me if they did erupt. None of these are on the Olympic Peninsula.

I’m safe from the foreseen. Which is the most we possibly can do. However, if there is a threat like, in Oso, it’s time to go.

To be fair, none of the victims of the landslide were alerted to this possibility. My family members were only a few miles away from Oso on that day. For all I new my Brother and Father could have been driving through there at the time. So, we should ask why the information didn’t trickle down to the people.

I’m sure many would leave and some would not. This would have been there decision. To hide information, in this case, is similar to manslaughter. Whether it was done willfully or not, someone didn’t tell those poor people what they were up against and so many lost their lives.

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Fame Versus Infamy

We’ve all seen those people on the internet, desperately grasping for fifteen minutes of fame, who we all think are complete knobs. From the thousands of examples posted daily of people doing dumb dares and challenges, to the kid in Australia who’s in trouble for jumping out of a moving bus, to that stupid tampon girl; people don’t seem to realize the difference between fame and infamy.




I provided some definitions for you since I really doubt some people even know what infamy is. I realized this when I was gagging to death watching that tampon girl video. People don’t understand the difference and are trying to become famous through the most detestable ways. Maybe these people don’t care if they are offensive as long they are well-known. That’s fine, but there are some people who seem to care about their reputation but aren’t doing a very good job maintaining it.

We all know politicians say stupid things all the time. Whether it’s about rape, poverty, or health care; they don’t think before they speak. It’s shocking, sometimes funny; but when I heard this:

“We have got this tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning to value the culture of work, so there is a real culture problem here that has to be dealt with.” -Paul Ryan

I’m not even shocked anymore. Two years ago, I didn’t know who this guy was. Now, he is infamous to me for saying the stupidest, career killing, opinions I have every heard. He may be infamous to you, as well. Though, I’m a twenty year old who pays attention to politics, there’s a good chance I’m just weird.

When I first read this, my first thought was how racist this is. Obviously I’m not alone since that’s all anyone’s saying on the major news networks. Even his peers are calling it as they see it.

The thing is, if we leave the inner cities part out, it’s an acceptable opinion. Still not really correct in anyway, but he’s a republican so I’m grasping at straws.

The real reason I’m pissed, is the fact that if you look past the racism, it’s derogatory to indigent people! I’m poor myself, I come from a poor family, they came from a poor family. I’m so broke it isn’t even funny. I would love to have a job right now. I apply to every job that pops into my area, I make an effort. Still, no job. Maybe, instead of claiming it’s culture, you should work on making more jobs. Making it easier to get into trade schools or community colleges. Help people get a profession. Anyone can flip burgers, run a cash register at Walmart, or work in your coal mine, Ryan, but there will never be enough of those jobs for everyone.

Plus, this is 21st century, not the 19th; we don’t follow social Darwinism anymore. Or at least if you do, we all accept you’re a knob. We have accepted that there is more to getting ahead in life than slaving away at a job. Some find a niche and run with it. That’s a gamble if you’ll become rich and famous. Others are less creative and work for the rest of their lives. Either way, we need people to do every job on the social ladder. Except maybe congressmen, they seem fairly useless as of late.

So, how long will it take for someone to get killed? How many careers will be ruined before we learn the difference between fame and infamy?

For more of the stupid crap this man has spouted I direct you here: http://tinyurl.com/qyfoczs

For those who don’t know about social Darwinism, here’s the wikipedia article for you – http://tinyurl.com/qqqzm